Lyrics for My Fellow Jew יהודי שלי

G-d smiled in heaven but His joy was not complete
The angels were singing but their song had no wings
The world was freshly painted yet the sky was feeling blue
Something, something just wasn’t right

Then with you came a G-dly light
That made the world complete
You gave the world its heart
You gave the world its soul
Now G-d can call this place his home
For now there was you
My brother, my fellow Jew

So with all my heart and soul let me honor you
A gentle people with a faith of steel
You teach the world how to live and how to give and how to believe
If I could look into your heart I would see the face of G-d

You have weathered all the storms they’ve all come and gone
You are the unsung heroes of the world
And you were born of ancient days and you will go on and on
I’ve seen miracles before but the greatest of them all is you my fellow Jew

Who can count the teardrops that have fallen from your eyes
And who would dare to measure the pain that you have known
Yet here you are undaunted with a mission and a dream
You carry on when hope is gone
All that you live for will come true

And so when at times I’m feeling weak
It’s you who makes me strong
And when at times I cannot speak
You become my song
I know I can do the impossible
When I think of you, my brother, my fellow Jew

So with all my heart………..

Avraham Fried is a well known Orthodox Jewish performer, member of Chabad Lubavitch. As a child, Fried’s extraordinary vocal talent was immediately noticed and he performed at various functions at a very young age. Fried is one of the foremost musical entertainers of the Orthodox Jewish community. His music is mostly categorized as classic Jewish music, similar to his counterpart, Mordechai ben David. His style can be considered traditional, yet modern and entertaining. His music tends to integrate many styles of popular music, including pop,rock and jazz, with Jewish lyrics and themes.